12 Steps To Getting Customers Online

12 Steps To Getting Customers Online

Getting customers online can be confusing and leave you with more questions than answers: What should I first? Do I have to pay for ads? Which social media network is right for my business? How do I get found by customers online? 


A Great Place To Start

Your time is important – you should be running your business instead of navigating the online marketing world. So we put together a simple guide to show you how to get customers online, without paying for ads. The goal is to help clients find you so you can build relationships with them, and when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of mind. Let’s get started.

The 12 Step Guide To Getting Customers Online

Step 1: How To Get A Blog For Your Business
– Register and set up your website/blog and ensure it’s optimized for mobile devices

Step 2: Get Found Using SEO For Small Businesses
– Help Google and potential customers find you when they search online

Step 3: Keyword Research For Small Business
– Find out which words you want to rank for to attract the most people to your website

Step 4: Do A Business Blog To Get Customers Online
– Start writing great content that appeals to your customers and the people they interact with

Step 5a:  How To Use Internal Links To Grow Your Business
– Guide Google through your site and help it learn what you do and which pages are important

Step 5b:How To Use Inbounk Links To Grow Your Business
– Use links that are inbound to help your page rank and get more authority from search search engines

Step 6: An Intro To The Best Ways To Use Social Media For  Small Businesses
– Your intro to social media and 3 great networks we recommend for small businesses

Step 7: Get Stared On Facebook With These 5 “Must Dos”
– How to set up your Facebook account and start using it to get customers online

Step 8: Follow These 8 Tips To Start Using Twitter
– How to set up your Twitter account and start using it to get customers online

Step 9: Get Social With Pinterest To Grow Your For Business
– How to set up your Pinterest account and start using it to get customers online

Step 10: Create WOW Campaigns – How To Do Email For Business 
– Learn how to build relationships with people and turn them into customers using email campaigns

Step 11: Measure Your Progress With Analytics To Improve Your Business 
– See what you are doing right and what you can improve on to attract more clients

Step 12: Start Getting Customers Online
– Put everything you have learned to good use and get started!

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